Project Nordanstig

In this project we work according to our fisheries restoration plan to recreate free flowing rivers and restore limnic environments in the streams of our five rivers.

Harmångersån Foto: Harry Grönoset


The overall goal is to restore conditions which existed before man started to impinge the free flowing natural streams to meet the needs of extracting power and transport timber logs during the period of log driving. The river that is most affected by dams due to small scale hydro power plants is Harmångersån, which is also the largest river in the municipality.


Adjacent to the lower parts of Harmångersån, near the sea, there are ancient monuments from the Bronze Age onwards. Before the time of the iron industry, the fishing in flowing waters in this part of Sweden was an important activity. There is information that the king controlled the fishing of eel and salmon in Harmangersån during the 16th century, and this control lasted at least until the end of the 18th century.


But today, salmon and other fish are prevented from wander in Harmångersån as they once did. That's what we want to change. However, in order to realize our goal with Harmångersån in the foreseeable future, we will need help from outside. The challenges in Harmångersån are a bit too big for our small municipality to be able to handle on our own hand. The challenges in the other rivers we can easier manage without further assistance from outside.

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